We turn data into value.
We are cavalis.

Unleash the full potential of your business with the power of process mining.

Cavalis is your trusted partner for process mining success.

We uncover and eliminate hidden inefficiencies in your processes – combining technical excellence and business expertise with many years of experience.

Years of Experience

With our many years of process mining experience, we bring a proven track record of turning data into value.

Business Expertise

We are process mining ambassadors with expertise across processes, use cases and industries.

Technical Excellence

We are committed to always delivering highest quality while utilizing the latest and greatest process mining innovations.

Value Focus

Our commitment to delivering value for our customers is the driving force behind everything we do.

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Our Services

Cavalis accompanies you every step of the way on your transformative process mining journey.


Transform your business with our first-class technical services. We are always at the forefront of the process mining market and excel in connecting processes, developing tailored analyses and automations and delivering tailored solutions to supercharge your business processes.


Unlock the full potential of your processes with our value services. From framing value across the entire value chain to realizing and monitoring it. Our experienced consultants cover the entire spectrum and help you maximize the ROI of your process mining initiatives.


Ensure a highly successful operation of process mining technology within your organization. We provide comprehensive support - including user trainings, roadmap advisory, CoE operation, and much more - helping you get the most out of the technology on a daily basis.

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An Alliance for Success

To ensure top-notch quality for all our customers, cavalis has a strong partnership with Celonis, the market leader in process mining technology and execution management.

Leveraging Celonis, we provide you a real-time view of how your processes operate eliminating the need for lengthy workshops or predefined models. We uncover hidden value opportunities and empower you to optimize your organization across the entire value chain for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Meet our Founders

We have been breathing Celonis and the world of process mining for the past five years.

Now, with cavalis, we are not just continuing. We are taking our passion to new heights.

Starting his career in KPMG’s financial advisory department, Fabian soon became fascinated with using data for process visibility, instead of solely relying on manual process workshops. He joined Celonis in its early stages in 2017 as a solution engineer. In his 6+ years at Celonis, Fabian led numerous strategic implementation projects, before eventually managing a team of service consultants focused on production customers.

In 2017, as a researcher at Queensland University of Technology, Rouven discovered his passion for process mining. He then joined Celonis in 2018 and over the past five years has become a true process mining pioneer. Starting as a Celonis solution consultant to leading a team of value consultants, he became a trusted advisor for numerous customers and gained extensive experience across industries, processes, and systems.

Victor’s passion for using technology to tackle business challenges emerged during his studies in electrical engineering and finance. He joined Celonis in 2019 as a solution consultant, piloting the platform across industries, processes, and geographies in EMEA, while developing new, innovative use cases. Victor then led strategic customer engagements, with a particular focus on production, high-tech and automotive.

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